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2019 Tri-Nations - Presidents Team

NAMIBIA won the tri-nations!  

Our Presidents Team returned from SA where they competed in the Presidents Test which is traditionally between SA and Zimbabwe annually. Namibia were invited as an invitational team with 3 boats and 5 anglers. The test between SA and Zimbabwe continued as normal as they had 6 boats per country. Namibia, SA and Zim also competed in a mini tri-nations. The scores of the best 3 boats of SA and Zim went up against our boats.

One of the Namibian boats was also the best boat for the entire tournament!

The team consisted of Thinus Williams (Captain), Alec Williams, Nic Kruger, Andrew Hall and Duan Kotze. We are exceptionally proud of our boys. They went into a tournament as definite underdogs and still managed to beat the mighty South Africans and Zimbabweans.

We would like to congratulate SA on their victory and Zimbabwe for being such amazing competitors…………..
We would also like to thank the organizing committee. You knocked it out of the park and our anglers were treated like royalty like always. THANK YOU

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