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NBAA Membership


Membership to the NBAA shall be available to all persons interested in the sport of bass angling in Namibia, who are in good standing with the sport and its superior federation (NFFA).

NBAA Membership will be open to all men, women, children, and there will be no discrimination on grounds of colour, creed, race, sex or nationality.

Any person being desirous of becoming a member shall make written application to the association.  The application must be proposed by at least one member of the association and seconded by the associations Executive Management Committee and be addressed to the secretary of the association.

Applications for new membership to the NBAA, can be completed online on our website or be completed by filling in NBAA Application Form (NBAA Form 1). 

The Membership fees for all memberships of the NBAA will be proposed by the Executive Management Committee (EXCO) and are to be determined at the NBAA Annual General Meeting.

Membership fees are valid for a period of one (1) angling year. No pro-rata agreement regarding membership fees will be entered into by the NBAA. Membership will lapse automatically, should membership payment not be executed in full, by the set due date, as set at the association’s annual general meeting.

The NBAA Executive Management Committee (EXCO) has the constitutional right to accept or refuse, any application brought before them, by any individual, without recourse. Any application for membership should have the approval of two thirds, or sixty-six per centum  (66 %) of the current full EXCO, before such an application may be granted.         

Any individual, who has been accepted as a member of the Association, shall be bound by the constitution, regulations, and rules of the association and any agreements entered into by the association, for the general benefit of the sport in Namibia.

The association has the right, with approval, to acquire the professional services of a member of the general public who may wish to serve on management executive or any sub-committee.  For example: an accountant, or secretary, a public relations officer who do not practice the sport of angling.   This person or persons may affiliate directly to the association.

Honorary Members: The criteria regarding honorary members set out in the house rules of the association.

Namibia Bass Angling Association Membership Form Regions


It is very important that the Region is clearly indicated on the application form. The region is linked to the Anglers current region of residence. When an angler moves to a new region, his / her affiliation has to be changed in the association records. A written document to the chairman and / or the tournament director explaining the change of region, the reason and the commencement date, are necessary.

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